Every day, thousands of trucks on the world's roads travel to ensure we are supplied with what we need. However, this logistical masterpiece should not be taken for granted as everything needs to dovetail


Professional operators demand the highest performance from their machinery.  It is operated round the clock, not just during the ploughing and harvesting periods. With very high payloads and subject to extreme


Best in Genuine Spare Parts. BPW supports fleet operators with a tight network of dealers and acknowledge that same fleet operators pursue a repair policy that matches costs to the vehicles current value.

Ancillary Products

VBG and RINGFEDER couplings are well-known for their high quality, high reliability, and long service life with low maintenance costs. They offer you peace of mind, year in and year out when services & safety checks are carried out.

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We wanted to be a little different. There are so many other events in our in industry, (many Golf days), and to have one more of the same seemed boring. So being a German company we decided on something “German” : the food, the beer, the entertainment, the dress code…real German Gemüdlichkeit! So this year we will host the event as usual late in October, and celebrate its 10th year since inception! Internally our organisers are already hard at work to make it a memorable event.

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