Digital BPW Ecometer

BPW ECOMETER – Recording the exact mileage!


The digital BPW ECOMETER has been available since the end of May 2005. The BPW ECOMETER is mounted on an axle of the trailer or semi trailer like a normal hub cap. The integrated electronics use the tyre rotation speed and tyre circumference to calculate the vehicle’s mileage. As a result, you can tell the mileage of trailers even when different tractor vehicles are used. As standard, the digital BPW ECOMETER is set for the circumference of the standard 385/65 R 22.5 tyre. However, it can very easily be changed over to other tyres (and their different rolling circumference) using the display unit. The digital ECOMETER is initially only available for axles with ECOPlus wheel bearings. The BPW ECOMETER is still provisionally not allowed to be used with hazchem vehicles! Refer to the attached BPW News for more benefits and information.

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ECOMETER has been a registered trademark of BPW in Germany since 1992 (EU mark has been applied for) and is only allowed to be used by BPW for hub odometers. An electrically operating hub odometer has already been disclosed and is the state-of-the-art. Nevertheless, a patent application has now been lodged in Germany with regard to special development features (contact bridge, etc.).

  • The digital BPW Ecometer offers the following advantages:
  • Only one type for all tyre sizes
  • More accurate than mechanical hubometers
  • Clearly legible in the dark
    (7 digit display with large illuminated characters)
  • Tamper proof
  • Zero maintenance and long lasting replaceable battery
  • Easy to define the maintenance intervals for your semitrailer
  • Tyre distance checking
Designation Code No. Remark
BPW ECOMETER Incl. hooked spring ring with bar magnet and battery installed
Replacement battery 02.0130.82.00 Minimum running time approx. 5 years

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