You always travel better with the originals

BPW Genuine Spare Parts are identical to the OE Parts installed in the BPW Axles that we supply to vehicle Manufactures.

All conditions are equal, irrespective of whether the part is installed in a new axle or supplied as a replacement. BPW customers therefore enjoy the original quality benefits of their axles even after many years of service.

The BPW full product range

BPW sets the bench mark world-wide for no-compromise top quality products, which meet the highest demands for quality and reliability. BPW original parts are brand products directly from manufacturer. This is why they demonstrate the same levels of skill and quality as our new parts do. BPW original parts are continuously being developed further and offer you the security of knowing they are built to match your running gear system precisely. Maximum performance is guaranteed.

Advantages for BPW Customers
  • product in-house by BPW with tested initial equipment quality
  • long life expectancy and safety through perfectly synchronised individual components (compatible and match precisely)
  • high service lives
  • shorter repair times
  • exemplary spare parts availability, internationally
  • safe storage due to excellent surface processing (e.g. zinc-phosphating (KTL Zn)) or correct packaging
  • long-term cost-effectiveness
  • product liability and smooth claim in cases covered by guarantee

BPW Genuine Spare Parts Price List - >> HERE