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BPW New TS2 Caliper – The Hard Breaker

From October 2021 BPW Axles will introduce the new TS2 brake caliper, see Figure 1. Since 1992 BPW, in conjunction with Knorr, developed a brake caliper for trailer running gear and from 2005 it has developed its own floating brake caliper, the TSB. In 2019 the TS2 caliper was introduced in Europe and here in South Africa the caliper has been running on a few test vehicles, since 2018, with huge success and has already been introduced on the lightweight side tippers from second quarter 2021.

Figure 1

The new TS2 caliper introduces a range of new designs that will make the caliper more robust, lighter (total 4 kg on an axle), and easier to maintain. One new key design feature is the offset tappet, see Figure 2. The single piston, offset tappet design provides an optimum balance of forces and torque when braking allowing for even distribution of pressure between the brake pad and disk.

Figure 2

A further new design feature are the brake pads themselves. Previously on the TSB brake caliper the brake pads were identical and interchangeable. On the TS2 brake caliper there is now an active pad which is 40mm thick of which 19mm is the reinforced backing plate. The Passive pad is only 29mm of which 8mm are a solid backing plate. The advantage of having an active and passive pad is improved lining wear.

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