The Quality Factor synonymous with the BPW brand can be found in every aspect of our business and is a major reason for our continuous growth in market share:

Quality and Reliability

The backbone of our products, Research and Development, is focused on keeping vehicles on the road. This means that we endeavour to design parts that do not need replacement constantly, when properly cared for Our Design & Technology is based on parts longevity & quick replacement times.

Quality in Application

We endeavour to get involved in “Before sales Support” together with our customers, to ensure the right product is selected for the right transport operation. Our own technical know-how and experience are backed up by vast experience at our parent company in Wiehl, Germany.

Quality in Process Engineering

Driven by continual improvement programs, striving to eliminate human error and to maintain consistency in production.

Quality in Product Support

A non-negotiable factor, supported by superior Customer Service, Maintenance Training courses and an extensive spare parts network not only in Southern Africa, but also the rest of the continent.