BPW AirSave

Maximum cost-effectiveness and greater safety thanks to optimal tyre pressure. BPW’s AirSave allows you to continuously track and control your tyre pressure while driving.

The tyre pressure is constantly monitored and automatically adjusted to the desired level via a control box with booster.

Should the pressure deviate considerably from the norm, for example in the event of tyre damage, a warning light informs the driver to this effect so that they can promptly drive to a service station instead of having to stop on the side of the motorway. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, prevents down times, saves fuel by maintaining optimal pressure at all times, and reduces CO2 emissions.

Better for the environment

The system cuts CO2 emissions and litter from burst tyres debris and blow-outs. Even the slightest pressure loss increases fuel consumption and therefore also the emissions of the vehicles enormously. Even a ten percent deviation in tyre pressure from the prescribed value increases fuel consumption by more than 250 litres over an annual distance of 120,000 kilometres. That is 655 kilograms of CO2, which could be saved. by using AirSave!!!

BPW AirSave - Benefits

  • Factory assembled – one source of supply: BPW!
  • Robust and reliable thanks to the hubcap adapter: 2 year guarantee
  • Service friendly – 3 years maintenance free
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Cost savings on tyres and fuel