Landing Gear

BPW Trailer Landing Gear stock is available in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, minimising delivery cost and keeping the already keen pricing most competitive.

With BPW landing gears you are in a good position in all cases.

Your advantages at a glance:

Just the right thing for usage in heavy jobs with a trailer, thanks to the reinforced shaft for the absorption of lateral forces and the continuous screw-on plate for optimum strength. And all with built-in safety: BPW landing gears meet AAR* requirements.


The long, continuously perforated screw-on plate for different fixing positions ensures an easy, flexible installation. Low crank forces facilitate day-to-day tasks.


Advantages that pay off: BPW landing leg is particularly light – and therefore the first choice, if every kilo of vehicle load makes a difference. BPW landing gear is  maintenance-free for three years due to the long-term greasing with BPW ECO Li 91. In addition, it impresses with the lowest level of wear and is optimally protected from corrosion through high-quality coatings.
* Association of American Railroads

BPW Landing Gear Technical Data / Installation and Drawbar Support