Mud Guards and Antispray

HBN mudwings are well known in the industry for its superior quality with ISTOFLEX based on virgin material and a recycled version called GREENFLEX.

Both types have been developed for tough environments and rough handling, which is why we never compromise on quality. 


SPRAYFLEX® is a water suppression solution that increases traffic safety for other road users that drive behind or passing a commercial vehicle. The antispray is designed and produced with a special impact resistant material that ensures that it maintains constant rigid in all weather conditions. It fulfills the EU-directive of achieving a wind deflection below 100mm and absorbs more than 70% of the water spray by leading it back to the ground. Due to the patented design it also avoid ice and dirt being collected during transport which easily damages the mudwing because of the extra weight or damages other vehicles when released from the antispray. SPRAYFLEX is approved in the EU according to directive no.91-226-001. The directive dictates that min. 70% of the water must be led to the ground.

HBN-Teknik Mudwings & Antispray Specifications