The design principle for BPW turntables guarantees the greatest possible safety because the acting axial and radial forces are separately transmitted onto the two ball races.

The materials and production processes are carefully selected to deliver the highest quality. For turntable drawbar trailers, the rigid front axle of the trailer is steered using a pivot mounting with a turntable and drawbar.

The turntable provides the connection between the vehicle frame and the pivot mounting. BPW turntables generally have two rows of ball bearings.

This special design ensures better and more wear-resistant force transmission and thus longer service life.

BPW Turntables - Features and Benefits

• Permitted axial load 5t to 30t
• Choice of drilled or undrilled
• Optimal distribution of the axial and radial forces that arise due to double ball bearing race
• Turntable sections made of cold formed, butt welded, calibrated, high-strength steel
• Protection of the turntable interior against dust and dirt through labyrinth sealing
• Wear-resistant due to low roll depth of the axial ball race and increasing hardening of the ball race under stress

BPW Turntables Data Sheet 1 / BPW Turntables Data Sheet 2