Moving Floors

The CARGO FLOOR automatic loading and unloading system can be used for automatic horizontal loading and unloading of various types of bulk materials & pallets and is used in trucks, trailers & factories.

CF500 SLC Cargo Bulkmover

The Bulkmover is the smart solution for transport of bulk products.

Mainly for loose product

Because the floor profiles of the Cargo Bulkmover are wider than the standard 21 floor profile execution this concept is not suitable for the loading and unloading of pallets and paper reels with the help of the floor movement of the Cargo Floor system. Off course pallets eg. can be loaded - and unloaded - by driving a hand pallet truck or fork lift truck over the floor. More than 20 years of experience with the wide floor profiles, mainly in stationary factory applications, has proven that the 15 floor profile version of the Cargo Floor system is extremely suitable for the efficient unloading of most common loose products in large volumes.

Weight reduction

In order to reduce weight in a safe and reliable way Cargo Floor has developed an alternative floor: an execution which has 15 floor profiles instead of the usual 21. The total moving floor surface is exactly equal to the the 21 moving floor profiles, because of which no adjustment of the side profile is needed.


Characteristics of the 15 floor profile Cargo Bulkmover concept:

•  Weight advantage for the complete trailer; depending on the execution at least 60 kg. and can go up to 300 kg
•  30% less seams between the floor profiles; possible leakage and wear substantially decreases
•  30% less seal between the floor profiles. Also the seal is very well protected from the product transported
•  30% less mounting time for the sub floor construction, floor profiles and bearing
•  Increased stability of the floor profiles because of the "cargo twister wide 40/25" bearing with very wide bearing surface and support on three spots
•  Very large bearing surface, because of which less wear
•  Less wear
•  Larger bearing and sliding surface of the "cargo twister wide 40/25" (+7%)
•  Bearing does not come into contact with the transported product (no extra wear) and is protected against spattering street dirt by the floor profile
•  Floor width is identical to the standard 21 floor profile execution; no need to adjust the side profile
•  All hydraulic components: cylinders, valves, are identical to the CF500 SL-C 21 floor profile system
•  Suitable for the power speed execution: unloading in +/- 3 min. (ask about the requirements)
•  Various floor profiles available, among which a special HD and ultimate XHDI version for the transport of all kinds of waste: glass, sand eg.
•  Very clean discharge
•  Suitable for all types of cargo floor drive units
•  Extreme long durability
•  Robust and very stable
•  No maintenance required
•  Absolutely lower cost of ownership
•  30% less work if a floor revision needs to be done and turning the floor is a lot easier
•  Pallets, paper reels eg: only loading / unloading with the help of a fork lift truck or pallet wagon

Fork-lift truck

In principle all Cargo Floor floors can be driven on by a fork-lift truck; contact your body builder for information about the permitted weights!



The CargoMatic transport system is the ultimate loading and unloading system (dock to trailer) for packaged/palletised products (not bulk products; see the Cargo Floor transport system for information on this) and extremely suitable for shuttle traffic/transport over short distances. A semitrailer with a length of 13,600 mm with a CargoMatic system can be loaded or unloaded within 90 seconds.

The CargoMatic transport system has a fully flat loading and unloading floor that operates as a conveyor belt. A semitrailer with a CargoMatic system can be loaded and unloaded very fast and simply; loading and unloading using a forklift truck is also a lot more efficient. The load is moved forwards and backwards completely automatically by the CargoMatic transport system and the forklift truck therefore does not have to be driven into the semitrailer anymore.