Side Impact Protection, Ladders and Wheel Carriers

TAKLER safety devices and accessories are user-friendly and able to fulfill the stringent requirements of the commercial automotive field. Takler operates on the basis of international standards of safety and quality guaranteed by certifications.

The side impact protection device is Takler’s top product: they offer a full range of profiles: aluminum, plastic, magnelis® to satisfy each and every customer requirement. The universal usage of its accessories and components allows having multiple customized configurations perfectly complying with homologation rules valid in Europe and in Extra-European countries.

Takler brackets, both fixed and adjustable, can conform to any given chassis fixing solution in order to have the sideguard correctly installed. Their adjustable brackets guarantee the opening of the lateral protection device, without bolts or pins being moved. Patented opening system keeps the whole sideguard open at 90° and 130°.

Takler think ladders not as a mere accessory for the vehicle but as an essential working tool. Takler's vision and aim on the ladder throughout the whole process of design and production; is to offer the market a tool making the truck more comfortable, safe and resistant.

The Takler wheel carrier has been engineered to guarantee the maximum resistance and reliability. A higher corrosion level has been also introduced, thanks to sealing zinc-nickel coating that avoids all corrosion points in the mechanism of unscrewing the wheel.

BPW is the official distribution partner for TAKLER branded products.