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The BPW ECO Meter is a kilometre counter integrated in the hub cap. It makes sure that you can always check the actual mileage of your trailers, even when they are used with different tractor vehicles.

The ECO Meter has been further optimised for the ECO Plus 2 axle generation: for example, it has been given a designed hub cap, and the visible contacts have been moved inside the housing for optimum protection against dirt.

BPW ECO Meter for ECO Plus 2 - Features and Benefits

  • Sensor contacts and display unit are completely protected behind a plastic window
  • The performance, the extent of roll motion and the battery status are all displayed
  • The electronics printed circuit board is cast in plastic in the water-tight and indestructible hub cap
  • Adjustment of the wheel circumference is effected via the display unit (default setting 385/65 R22.5)
  • Licensed under the Regulation on Transporting Hazardous Goods by Road
  • Just one sort for all tyre sizes
  • More precise than a mechanical ECO Meter
  • Can also easily be read in the dark
  • Cannot be tampered with
  • Check on tyre performance
  • Easy assembly through change of hub cap
  • Cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc-phosphating