A useful accessory for trailers

The BPW Load Indicator is a useful accessory for trailers on Air suspension that can give reliable information on the load on the axle or axle group.                                                                                                                            

The load on the trailer is directly proportional to the pressure in the Air bags, and connecting an air pressure gauge, calibrated to read the load on the axle group, results in an inexpensive way to know you are not over (or under!) loaded.

BPW Axle Load Pressure Gauge - Features and Benefits

  • Reliable display of the loading condition
  • Increased protection with silicone oil damping of the gauge
  • No need to weight the trailer specifically when loading and unloading
  • Available for air bag sizes 300 mm and 360 mm
  • Also available as a complete kit including pressure gauge, bolted connection, shut-off tap and installation diagram