The right tool for saving time

There is a long tradition of special tools and measuring instruments at BPW, based on decades of experience. They facilitate service work on BPW units, save working time and thereby increase your efficiency.

The tool assortment has also been adapted to the new ECO Plus 2 axle generation and supplemented accordingly.

BPW trailer axles with the ECO Plus 2 unit have hub caps (and ECO Meters) with a bayonet fitting. The bayonet lock replaces the former threaded connection. A 120 mm installation spanner (BPW part number 03.339.05.02.0) is needed for fitting or removing the new hub caps with the bayonet fitting.

An impact driver must not be used for fitting / removing hub caps or ECO Meters with a bayonet fitting!

BPW accessories and tools are designed for the modules or components of the product range and are divided into tools for:

  • Axle beam and wheel bearings
  • Drum brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Suspension systems

In addition, BPW offers special measuring instruments for checking dimensions (e.g. for toe-in) on axles and units.
Please refer to the latest BPW workshop manuals for details on how to use the tools correctly.

BPW Tools and Measuring Instruments - Features and Benefits

  • Practically tested configuration
  • Use of high-quality materials. Permanent quality assurance guarantees a consistent quality level
  • Long-life and resistant to wear
  • Simple handling
  • Favourable price/performance ratio: Often, buying high-quality tools is less expensive in the long run.
        Particularly if the tools are needed regularly and the easy use must be ensured on each occasion.

   BPW ECO Disc Tool Case                                BPW Special Tools for BPW Axles


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