Drum brake and cost reducer in one unit

With more than 11 million units sold worldwide, the BPW drum brake is now the embodiment of a reliable brake for towed vehicles. It sets new standards for lifecycle costs thanks to its robust construction and ease of servicing. Our designers have succeeded in optimising the classic drum brake further, resulting in the ECO Drum. The result: A considerable weight reduction, improved sealing and lower wear.


The force of the brake cylinder below (1) acts via the slack adjuster (2) and causes the brake camshaft (3) to rotate. The S-cam (4) forces the brake shoes (5) apart, pressing them against the inside of the brake drum (7). When the brake is released, the brake camshaft (3) rotates the S-cam (4) back to its neutral position. The brake shoes (5) are returned to their initial position by tension springs (6).


ECO Drum - Features and Benefits

  • Universally applicable
  • Enclosed construction enables use under the harshest conditions
  • Quick and easy brake service thanks to the patented ECO principle (European patent 0 407 719 B1)
  • Low operating and spare part costs
  • Weight reduction of about 18 kg for ECO Plus 2 (9 t with air suspension)
  • More straightforward installation by improved dust cover attachment
  • No dirt ingress thanks to revised sealing system
  • Simple to check drum and pad wear using the redesigned observation holes
  • Reduced wear for lower lifecycle costs
  • Can be approved without restrictions for electronic trailer brake systems (EBS)
  • Large amount of abradable material
  • Cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc-phosphating (KTLZn) for the best possible surface protection

WEAR and DAMAGE Characteristics on Friction Brakes


DRUM Brake - click on image to download