Setting the standards in running gear technology

Short assembly times with modular design and the standard adjustable air suspension hanger bracket shows how well thought out and cost-effective the Airlight II is.

No compromising with comfort for under 6 tons and over 10 tons

For axle loads below 6t, above 10t or for special applications such as long-travel configurations for mega-trailers and off-road work.

Indestructible support on all routes

Whether on or off-road, local or long-distance - you can rely 100% on mechanical suspension systems from BPW. They're extremely robust and can master even the most exacting challenges. 

Reliable even in the toughest working climate

The robust and long-lasting multiple leaf spring suspension systems in BPW units master even the harshest conditions. The suspension loads from 20,000 kg to 40,000 kg.