No compromising with comfort for under 6 tons and over 10 tons

For axle loads below 6t, above 10t or for special applications such as long-travel configurations for mega-trailers and off-road work.

With SL air suspension, you're banking on proven BPW technology - and on an air suspensions system which offers long service life and safety. And if your trailer should ever find itself in the workshop, you can be sure that it will be a short visit thanks to the high level of availability of spare parts.

BPW SL Air Suspension - Features and Benefits

  • For axle loads from 4 t to 14 t
  • Possible ride heights from 220 to 600 mm
  • 100 mm wide trailing arms
  • 1 and 2 leaf trailing arms available
  • Robust and easy to service
  • Suitable for long-stroke air bags

BPW Axle Lifts

To lift axles and reduce costs with BPW axle lift devices. Axle-lifting devices protect the tyres when the trailer is unladen or only bearing a light load; reduced rolling resistance will lead to fuel savings, amounting over long distances to extra money in your pocket. BPW air suspension axle can be fitted with axle lift device. At tandem axle suspensions one axle can be lifted, at tri-axle suspension maximal two axles can be lifted.

BPW Axle Lift - Features and Benefits

  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Low inherent weight
  • Moving-off aid for increased traction on the driven axle
  • Compatible with Auto-Drop system (automatic lifting and lowering)
  • Double-sided axle lift:
       - Robust design with proven brake cylinders
       - Installation without welding work (also for retrofitting)
  • Metal surfaces with cataphoretic dip-coating and zinc-phosphating KTLzn