Reliable even in the toughest working climate

The robust and long-lasting multiple leaf spring suspension systems in BPW units master even the harshest conditions. The suspension loads from 20,000 kg to 40,000 kg.

On roads, tracks or construction sites, in the icy Arctic or the tropical jungle, W suspension units have been designed for tandem axles and provide for reliable goods transport even under the most difficult conditions.

BPW W Bogie Suspension - Features and Benefits

  • For axle loads from 2 x 10 t to 2 x 20 t
  • Delivery as ready-to-mount, completely assembled unit
  • Proven for many years in harsh off-road and tipper applications
  • Construction with a high level of lateral stability
  • Not sensitive to semitrailer tilt
  • Very large axle load equalization paths
  • Insensitive to brake caliper tilt
  • Insensitive to warmth, cold and soiling
  • High-quality mounting of the trunnion axle
  • Optionally with one high support or two low supports
  • Simple installation on the vehicle frame using bolted connection