New Innovations

BPW Axles has recently launched the high strength forged aluminium hub. The hub has been designed for the lightweight trailer in mind. With a 54 kg weight saving on a tri-axle unit one can carry an approximate 68 litres of fuel and due to the fewer trips being travel save on CO2 emissions.

Ancillary Products

The landing gear is just the right thing for use in heavy jobs with a trailer - thanks to the long, continuous bolt-on flange as additional support against lateral forces. All of this with built-in safety. Stock available in JHB, Durban and Cape Town.


Better through the bends. The LL self-steering axle is the economic miracle of all the BPW axles. It shows off its strengths particularly when tight manoeuvring is required. Thanks to its greater manoeuvrability on corners and when making turns, you benefit from more.

Genuine Spare Parts

BPW Genuine Spare Parts are identical to the OE Parts installed in the BPW Axles that we supply to vehicle Manufactures. All conditions are equal, irrespective of whether the part is installed in a new axle or supplied as a replacement.


Professional operators demand the highest performance from their machinery. It is operated round the clock, not just during the ploughing and harvesting periods. With very high payloads and subject to extreme ground conditions in some cases, the next job is never far away.

PE Automotive

With the newly created, comprehensive product portfolio of Monark and PE Automotive, a full-range supplier has been established in the market for repairs and maintenance at current value, opening up completely new perspectives for customers.

Latest News

Brake linings has to accomplish several things to be effective. It has to stop the vehicle within a reasonable or prescribed distance. It has to wear at a reasonable rate so it is cost-effective. And it has to do all this without adding undue stress to the brake drum or brake disc. This is exactly what PE Automotive achieved with their range of brake linings and disc brake pads. They make use of their own race truck for further testing and development, achieving efficient braking even when reaching 600 degrees celsius. With the newly added Propar axle brake lining, 4515, we offer a cost effective brake lining that offers optimum braking power, without excessive wear on the brake drum.

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